The Market Off Main 105 North Main Street Albion, Iowa 50005 641-488-2333

Our little market came to be quite by accident. The original plan for the building was to very simply serve as an office for our farming operation, a storage facility for all of my farmer’s market “stuff” and a home (other than our garage) for the 3 large chest freezers we use for storing product.

After telling a friend about the building purchase, she suggested we think about inviting other producers to place product in the building and have a farm fresh market. That wasn’t really what I had in mind, but after some ongoing debate with my spouse and more brainstorming with my friend, we started thinking in a different direction.

So, we took out carpet, moved a very, very heavy vault ( you should know the building was formerly a bank!) put new paint on the walls, had new flooring installed, moved in some office furniture, moved freezers out of the garage and moved them in the building - and just like that a market was born!!

Well, there was a little more to it than that, but that’s the down and dirty, nitty gritty as they say. We are small but unique and would love to have you stop in some time!